Royal String Quartet

Royal String Quartet

MacMillan String Quartets

Najnowszy album RSQ, czyli komplet kwartetów Jamesa MacMillana zarejestrowany dla brytyjskiej wytwórni Hyperion. Płyta została świetnie przyjęta przez krytykę (BBC Music Magazine: „excellent throughout”). Kliknij tutaj by zobaczyć szegóły.

Excellent throughout, the Royal Quartet impart a brittle edge to the sound that brings MacMillan’s quartets closer to mid-century European modernists such as Lutosławski and Penderecki. But there are moments of intense, lyric beauty here too’ (Gramophone)

The string quartet has long been a powerfully personal medium for MacMillan, yielding some of his most intimate and affecting music. This fine recording features his three full-length quartets, the excellent Royal Quartet bringing all the insight, colour and precision that these rich works demand’ (BBC Music Magazine)